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Daphne Byrne

"An expert case of slow-burn horror... Daphne Byrne solidifies itself as one of the most unsettling comics on the stands today." - James Ferguson, Horror DNA

“Some of the most frightening comics pages of 2020” —Chase Magnett,

In the gaslit splendor of old New York, rage builds inside fourteen-year-old Daphne. The sudden death of her father has left her alone with her irresponsible, grief-stricken mother, who becomes easy prey for a group of occultists promising to contact her dead husband. While fighting to free her mother from these charlatans, Daphne begins to sense a strange, insidious presence in her own entity with unspeakable appetites. He calls himself her "Brother".  What does he want? And could she even stop him if she tried?
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"With a supremely balanced sense of storytelling and an economic gift for language, [Marks] announces herself here as a real talent to watch.”  —The New Yorker

At the height of the foreclosure crisis, single mother Crystal loses more than her house. She struggles to stay positive, though—with plenty of help from a roommate with conspiracy theories, a motivational speaker with a secret, and her colleagues at the local Saturn dealership. But optimism is no match for a bad economy, and before long Crystal’s desperate quest to regain what she’s lost turns into the fight of her life. This darkly comic thriller explores just how far we’ll go to get back what’s ours.
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“Arresting and intensely personal…you watch the piece with a mounting sense of dread…[Marks is] a strikingly intimate young writer.” —Chicago Tribune

As a first-time mother about to have a home birth, Mari is certain of one thing: she can’t wait to hold her baby. The next morning, she's certain of something else: the baby in her arms is not her baby. A contemporary thriller with age-old roots, MINE explores an unseen world where doubt and certainty blur and madness vies with reality.
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